Jump on the LIVE Webathon and learn a TON.

The Internet Marketing Web-a-thon is LIVE right
now (and it’s awesome) and you can still get in on
this legendary event:

What’s going on here?

The “Who’s Who” of Internet marketing has come
together for something special — yes, dozens upon
dozens of 6 and 7 figure earners will be coming on a
live video webinar telethon style training session for
2 reasons and 2 reasons only:

1) To pour their hearts out giving you their best
directly usable proven methods to make more money online.

2) To support a sweet little girl named Sophie who
has Stage 4 bone cancer and really needs our help.

There’s also 2 and only 2 reasons you should be here:

1) Everything raised goes 100% directly to help Sophie.
You can feel great about that.

2) Your teeny tiny small contribution will get you a
1000 times more money-getting knowledge from the
best of the best in online business.

There’s something like $17k in value being given
away — or some insane amount like that.

Me…I’m doing it for Sophie.

Imagine if your child had stage 4 bone
cancer and a bunch of people jumped
in and made them happier? 

What if they were able to help give you
and your child more time together AND
your child was happier too?

That’s why all the Studs of Internet Marketing
have banded together – but yes you also get a
boatload of usable advice out of it too.

Don’t worry, if you can’t make the whole thing
you’ll get the full recordings.

Help Sophie and get a ton of value too,
won’t you?

It’s a no brainer here.

Here’s the front door to helping Sophie – I know
she would give you a hug you if you were there
in the hospital with her.



Matt Bacak

PS:   Today is the day. make moves and change Sophie’s
life and yours too.

Go now and get in on the Internet Marketing Web-a-thon.


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