The Steps That I Use to Send an Email

Most people will tell you that it is as easy as copy, paste, send. I have done it that way for years.

But the last couple of years I have gotten very scientific about it. What I want to do is break down the steps that I use.

If you are an advanced marketer then you will want to pay close attention to this.

If you are a brand new (newbie), read this part but do not let it scare you in anyway.

Save this for the future when you are ready for it.

Here is the process that I go through:

1. Open up note pad.
2. I grab the email that was given to me in an affiliate promotion or I write one and add it to the notepad.

3. I grab my affiliate link or my link and check the link to make sure it goes to the page that is suppose to go to.

I add the link into the email on notepad.
5. I grab subject line or subject lines and add them to the very top of my notepad above the email.

Typically, I get the subject lines from the Affiliate JV area or I scan the copy to find good subject lines.

6. If they give me one or two subject lines which is typical I will add three more. I always have five subject lines
together before I mail.

7. I log into my delivery monitor service and get the delivery monitor code and add to the bottom of the email that is
still on notepad.

I place it underneath the required information for the can spam act and the FTC affiliate marketing disclaimer.

Here is an example.

8. Now I copy that email and paste it into my mailing system to send a test to find the best subject line to mail to the rest of my list.

9. Typically after a reasonable amount of time it will become very apparent the winning subject line, so then I will mail the rest of the list the winning subject line.

Side note: You are probably wondering how many on your list do you use for the testing of subject lines.

The answer is that I use analytic approach to test my emails based upon the subject line count, they will tell me how many email addresses that I should be sending to.

It says if I am sending 5 subject lines, I will need 1,250 to test them.

Although I always jump it up higher because I have a bigger list, typically for every subject line I have I will use 2000 per subject line.

You do not have to do that, but I do because I can.

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