Teleconference Calls Make Good JV’s – Part One

Teleconference Calls Make Good JV’s – Part One

Teleconference Calls Make Good JV’s – Part One
By Matt Bacak

Holding your own teleconference call is a great way to gain a huge following. However, if you don’t yet have a list, getting a joint venture partner also known as a JV, can really boost your attendance rate and your sales.

Recently a student of mine wanted to promote a teleclass but they didn’t have a very big list. They were a relationship coach targeting single women over the age of 40. They had the idea to do an eight-week teleclass. However, in order to promote it, their best option (to gain a following quickly), was to partner with someone in the same market as them. This is what I recommended…

In this case, you need to target your market. So, finding someone with a list of women, preferably single women would be a sensible idea. Find a website owner who has a good list. You can easily determine who is well-known in the industry if they website often comes up at the top. Also, if they have an opt-in page, they obviously have a list, are making money and understand online marketing well.

Your JV partner would need to be contacted and what you could say is this, “Hey, listen, I would love to do a teleseminar to your list. And this is the information that I’m going to be teaching and sharing with them. By the way, at the end of the call, I’m also going to be selling an eight-week course…” Then tell your potential JV partner that you’re willing to give them 50% of any sales that they make from the call. By giving them a high commission of 50%, it gives them more incentive to send out the email on your behalf, introducing you to their list.

Now, here’s how you build your own list off of their list. You’re basically going to set up a website with an opt-in page to drive their traffic to. Basically, you control the opt-in page. It’s so important to own your own list so that you have the ability to mail to your list any time of the day. If you need money, you simply send out an email. This is a true business model and a true way to build a business.

Now if you are holding a teleseminar, great job! The teleseminar opt-in sign ups are some of the best sign ups you can ever get. Outside of people buying from you, teleseminar sign ups are some of the best leads you’re ever going to get. These individuals are fresh and new and are quite responsive simply because you’ve pretty much made that personal connection with them through your teleconference call. Both webinars and teleseminars work extremely well simply because you’re sharing good information, but you also have a voice that they can connect with. Adding a simple personal touch can make all the difference.

Stay tuned for part two where I’ll discuss what you should never do to complicate the process. Simplicity is key. You’ll learn how to have your JV partner say yes. Psssst, it’s actually easier then you think. Stay tuned.

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