Necessary Look and Feel of Your Website

Necessary Look and Feel of Your Website

Necessary Look and Feel of Your Website
By Matt Bacak

It’s so important to be very careful about how you lay out your website because you want to make sure that you get as many people signed up for your offer as possible. Let me give you some example’s of what you should and shouldn’t do when creating your mini-site/opt-in page.

First, you want to ensure that you capture the names of your website visitors. In order to do this you need an opt-in form or squeeze page to capture the first name and email address of your prospect. Don’t have too much information on your page with links everywhere. You want the main focus of your page to be the sign up box and information on what it is that your visitor is going to get by signing up. Focus on the benefits to improve your sign up rate.

Also, the button that you want them to hit after they fill in their first name and email address has to stand out. Don’t simply say “sign me up!” or “I want my free stuff” and then an exclamation point. My suggestion would be underneath that, instead of having the exclamation point, just put two carats, carats are two greater than signs that draws your reader’s eye into the button to access the report or whatever it is you’re offering them free of charge. Carats or the two greater than signs have been proven to improve conversion rates of signups exponentially. So, you should definitely consider using them on your next opt-in page.

Also always offer a P.S. Underneath your sign up box that says something like: “P.S. We will never rent, trade, sell, or barter your information to anyone. That’s a promise.” You need to do this because you want them to feel like its part of the form when they’re filling it in and you want them to trust you.

Also, ensure that your headline is strong. Never lack in the wording of your headline as this will hurt your sign up rate. If you have a mini-site/sales page and a header, don’t place a photograph of yourself or any photograph for that matter to the left of the header as this will only draw attention to it. Your photograph is not important, the benefits your offering through your sales page and your sign up box should be the main focus of your page. Placing emphasis on unimportant things will only hurt your conversion rate. It has been proven that visitors look to the top left of a page naturally. This area is hot real estate. So, if you’re going to use it, place something there that’s going to benefit you and your visitor in the end. Focus on having them take action.

Another important thing to remember is to never place useless pictures on your website for the sake of showing off your graphic skills. You also don’t want to distract your reader with more stuff. Simply focus on the things that will make your visitor take action like a sign up box or a buy now button.

Remember, if you are offering a free subscription to monthly ezine or a mini-home study course and you want your visitor to sign up make sure that you capture your visitors information. Use Aweber or 1ShoppingCart for your sign up box/autoresponder software. The right tools and the right strategies will make all the difference in the success of your website.

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