Increase Your Page Rank With Comments!

Increase Your Page Rank With Comments!

Increase Your Page Rank With Comments!
By Matt Bacak

Keeping track of any mention of your website or business online is an excellent idea. It not only let’s you know who’s talking about you, but it also keeps you informed so that you can help improve your business by reading about what others are saying about you. You can do this easily by signing up with Google Alerts. You simply type in the URL, name or word that you want tracked and Google Alerts will notify you by email once these URLs, names or words are mentioned.

So, what do you do if you see your business or name mentioned on another website? I suggest you contact them simply because you want them to know that you’re pleased, but also to let them know that you’re really there. Regardless of whether you see your name mentioned on a blog, press release or forum, go to that site and comment on them mentioning your name. For example, if you get an alert that your name was mentioned in a particular press release, you could go and comment on that press release by saying something like, “Hey, thanks for getting the word out,” and then sign your name with a link back to your website. Of course, they’re going to ask you for your name, your link, and your email address. Supply it, but also put a link there for a page on your site that you want to raise up higher in the search engines.

If you see your article used on another site, you could comment on the article by saying something like, “Hey, thanks for the article. I hope the content really helps out your readership,” or something like that. So you’re really communicating with them specifically. But best of all is that you’re putting your name out there and putting your link back to whatever page on your website that you want to pull up on the search engines. You’re not only doing this to pull up your page, but you’re also doing it so that if you’re one of the first ones to post and you’ve got some haters out there, it’s a lot easier for those haters to realize, “Okay, wow, Matt’s actually really reading these comments.” They’ll later hesitate to post something bad about you again because they’ll start thinking a little bit more before they post next time. Also, if you’re the first to post, it makes it less likely that others who agree with their comment will post as well. So that’s something to think about there. But comments with back links back to your website can work wonders for your ranking as well as the respect you receive online.

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