How To Get Traffic To Your Squeeze Page – Part 2

How To Get Traffic To
Your Squeeze Page – Part 2

By: Matt Bacak

In my last tip, I talked about the power of Ad Swaps. Today, I’m going to you about JV Giveaways. Joint venture giveaways are like a big-time version of ad swaps.

In a nutshell, a group of list owners partner together and pool their resources in a limited time event.
The goal is to build your list by giving away gifts to visitors.

As a participant, you contribute a gift to the event. The gift can be a free report, a membership pass or a product you are actually selling. You prepare a special squeeze page for the event where visitors can download your free gift in exchange for their email address.

In other words, in order for a visitor to download the digital gift, he must opt in and subscribe to your mailing list. Each partner will endorse the giveaway to their own mailing lists, which results in a lot of visitors to one event as a collective effort of several participating partners!

With so many visitors downloading gifts from one focused event, it is a true win-win situation. This is because the visitors get to download several free gifts for their own use and every partner gets to build their own mailing list!

Here are some resources for finding the latest giveaway events:

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”

Download from Calameo – Click Here
Download from Scribd – Click Here
Download from Docstoc – Click Here

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