How to Dominate the Search Engines With Videos

How to Dominate the Search Engines With Videos

How to Dominate the Search Engines With Videos
By Matt Bacak

If you have a website that’s struggling to get traffic, there is a way that you can readily dominate the search engines for keywords using video marketing. One of the best methods you could use to specifically gain more traffic and followers to your website is by creating videos. However, the key to producing a video that are seen by the masses is to ensure that the title of your video consists of important, high demand keywords.

Let’s just say that you were a business in the local area of Youngstown, Ohio. Well, if you were creating a video for your business, you’d need to ensure that you entered the names of your city or state along with the product or service you were going to sell. So, if you were a paining business you would enter the keyword title of “Youngstown, Ohio home painters” or “Home painters in Youngstown, Ohio.” So then when somebody is searching for “home painters,” in the specific area of Youngstown, Ohio, they would easily find your business if they used similar keywords.

There are more ways that you can use video in conjunction with other marketing strategies to make your video marketing become even more effective. Consider pay-per-click advertising through any of the search companies like Google, Yahoo, MSN or others. But specifically, consider using Google AdWords, but make sure that you ad targets local geographical locations. So, what you can do is when you’re setting up your Google AdWords account at, when you go and set up your account, just follow the instructions they provide as these will walk you through each step.

As long as you focus on setting up a pay-per-click campaign focused on local areas, there is no limit to how many local customers you could have knocking on your door. But remember, that during your campaign set up, instead of selecting countries, you’re going to select local geographical areas. And you can specifically focus on zip codes; you can specify regions and stuff like that. Just use regular terms. But you’ll need to remember that nobody’s going to be able to see it unless they’re searching inside that specific area. So make local search work for you by focusing on local cities and areas to help you grab those prospects that would otherwise find your competitors. Good luck!

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