Google Website Optimizer

Google Website Optimizer


By: Matt Bacak

There are many online tools that you can use to improve a website but the best ones always come with a hefty price tag. Google website optimiser is one that provides numerous functionalities without you having to spend any money. The benefits any webmaster would get from Google web optimizer include:

1.    Coding corrections

Trying to manually find out the reasons why a site is malfunctioning by studying the code is very tedious and in most cases unsuccessful. Google web optimizer comes in and easily shows errors in the code that are causing a website not to function properly e.g. absence of tags in landing pages that cause the sales process to crash therefore resulting in lower conversions etc.

Google website optimiser allows you to get accurate information in very little time. This means that you can fix coding problems in record time without having to hire programmers.

2.    Testing two ideas

Google website optimiser is the best tool to use if you want to test which two or more ideas for a certain aspect of your website will result in better conversions. All you’ll be required to do is make a test content and Google web optimizer shows all the versions of a webpage to visitors. The only input on your side will be installation of appropriate tags and a preview of the experiment.

Google web optimizer will then provide the results after the experiment has run for some time allowing you to tweak your website accordingly.

3.    Working with Google analytics

With Google web optimizer, you do not have to open separate windows to when working with data collected from Google analytics. This is because of an integration feature that allows you to easily incorporate your Google analytics account to your Google website optimiser account. The tracking information obtained from Google analytics will be translated into actionable steps allowing more effective tweaking, more conversions and therefore greater efficiency in your webmaster duties.

The integration steps are very straight forward meaning that you do not have to be afraid of interference from these two services.

4.    Easier handing of multivariate tests

You may want to find out if a set of tweaks will work better for a web page without having to go through a complicated pairing process. This is where the multivariate testing functionality in the Google web optimizer comes in. You’ll be able to see the effectiveness of two completely different versions of a given page with complete ease. You can design pages with different buttons, sales copy, color schemes, images etc., initiate a multivariate experiment and see which webpage produces the best results.

 5.    Working with Google Adwords

This is a functionality that is most useful for online marketers. Not only can you easily integrate the results from Google web optimizer experiments into your Adwords campaigns with complete ease but you can also grant access and edit privileges to other users. This allows departments to easily work together without face to face meetings allowing greater profitability without necessarily using extra resources.

In a nutshell, Google website optimizer is the best online tool in the market for an individual or business that wants greater profitability without having to spend fortunes.

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