Essential Tips For Getting Free Back Links

Essential Tips For Getting Free Back Links


By: Matt Bacak

With the latest penguin and panda updates, many websites were swept and yet they had authority backlinks. This made many think that the essence of getting back links was useless. However this is not true.

Back links are still very important and getting free back links is still paramount for every website. However, the types of back link matter. Here are the basics on what type of free back links you should go for:

  1. The types of links you get should have varying Page Ranks, from PR 0 to the highest PR possible.
  2. The links should come from sites of both high and low authority.
  3. Naked links are more powerful than anchored links.

These three rules are the rules that govern the type of links that will work best in your favour. The process of getting free back links should be as natural as possible. Here are the recommended tips for getting back links:

  1. Email the webmaster of a website and request for a back link to your site. Personalize your requests and the sites should be as relevant as possible.
  2. Use the social media to find link sources. A great place to start with is Icerocket.
  3. Target sites that can send traffic to your website. It will be of much value compared to just building back links.
  4. Sponsor something, a school, a club, a contest, etc.
  5. Post valuable comments on forums. They will lead to links that will drive traffic.
  6. Post valuable content on your website. Content that will be appreciated by readers and be linked to.
  7. Participate in guest blogging. Many internet marketers vote this way as the best way of building free back links, credibility and drive traffic as well.
  8. Look out for opportunities to contribute to the industry. Help create a weekly newsletter or forums.
  9. Find us what we can’t find in the market and present it to us. We will appreciate and link to it.
  10. Create a solution to a problem that exists to people. The best way is by providing a solution to your own problem.
  11. Link to your own previous content. Especially if they are on different websites.
  12. When participating in guest posting, it is advisable to do a series of them and not just a single post.

If you want to improve the rate of building free back links, do the following:

  1. Target sites that show up in simple keyword search.  They have relevancy issues and you can build on that.
  2. Target bloggers you already have a relationship with.
  3. Authoritative bloggers in your niche.
  4. Websites which are open to guest blogging.
  5. Website owners you have spoken with in forums.
  6. Websites that would find your services useful.

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