Build a Strong Opt-In Page and Sales Page For Better Returns

Build a Strong Opt-In Page and Sales Page For Better Returns

Build a Strong Opt-In Page and Sales Page For Better Returns
By Matt Bacak

So, the question remains, is the conventional wisdom of having a short squeeze page first, then re-directing your visitors to a long sales page, being replaced these days by the pop-up? Basically, are visitors simply going straight to a long sales page because some web site owners are occasionally using a pop-up to capture the name and email address of their visitor? Is this happening more and more lately? Actually, I think it’s actually opposite. Although you do see this on some websites, there is a reason why you’re seeing it. But for the record, short squeeze pages are not being replaced by simple these pop-up opt-ins leading to longs sales pages. The short squeeze page is still very, very widely used in online marketing because it works.

Short squeeze pages are especially prevalent in the internet marketing world. And these same squeeze pages do in turn lead to the longer sales page. However, now what more people are doing is actually driving people to a squeeze page first and then getting their visitors to opt-in. Once their visitors opt-in to their list, web owners are then driving them to a long sales letter page. I’m seeing that more and more now than ever.

Having a squeeze page first and then directing them to a long sales letter is definitely not being replaced. The reason some people think this is happening is because they are actually already on the person’s list. So, if you are already on the list, web site owners are not going to drive you back to their squeeze pages. Since they’ve already got you on their list, they’ll typically just send you new offers to have you opt-in through a simple pop-up box on their sales page. They don’t want to lose you by continuously sending you offer where you have to read a new opt-in page. They don’t want you to feel as though they are being sold to. Nor do they want to overwork you. They don’t want you to have to give them your information again and again for fear of losing you as a subscriber. The first initial contact will usually be the only one where you’ll have the small squeeze page.

If you are giving your list multiple offers, consider using the simple pop-up window as well. This will keep your current subscribers happy while also helping you maintain a loyal following.

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