Another Strong SEO Strategy – Forum and Blog Posting

Another Strong SEO Strategy – Forum and Blog Posting

Another Strong SEO Strategy – Forum and Blog Posting
By Matt Bacak

Implementing various strategies to gain a better website ranking is crucial to your websites placement in the search engines. If you want to improve your rankings especially if you are a new site, or even if you’re an old website that needs to improve various content page rankings on your website, you should highly consider using my personal SEO strategy. Although I didn’t invent this strategy, it’s been around for a while and I only use it because it works.

Monitoring the conversations of your audience online is critical to understanding your market. But not only this, monitoring and giving feedback helps not only establish credibility, but it also helps your page rank. The strategy I use is always monitoring what people are doing, what people are saying, and their overall communication exchanges. I personally feel forums and blogs are very social. A blog is social media in a sense because it allows people to place comments about blog posts. This creates an interactive vehicle for the publisher and the publishers readers.

So, get up-to-date with your audience and learn about them by monitoring what they say and do. Anytime I go read a blog post, I always make a response to that blog post by saying something like, “Hey, look, this is a great article, I really enjoyed this part…” and then quote the part you liked. But when you post make sure that you link back to a page on your website. This creates a backlink leading to your site, which evidently leads to more traffic and better rankings for your site in the long run.

Typically my comment’s are links for my website that are pointing back to a certain page on my site. I usually choose a page that I want to improve its rankings in the search engines. So basically, that’s really my SEO strategy – thanking, commenting on blogs, and those sorts of things. These strategies really do help out in getting my sites up better in the search engines. And that’s really all I’m doing. I highly recommend you try this method first before you even consider paid advertising, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

But always remember to avoid linking to bad pages. Quite honestly, blogs are one of the best ways that you can ever improve your rankings. Become a communicative investigator that’s interactive with your audience for greater results for the long term of your website.

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