7 Tips For Mastering Facebook

by Matt Bacak

Let’s face facts. Facebook reports that there are over 1.28 BILLION monthly active Facebook users. That’s an insane number that should get you excited. And if you’re not using Facebook to your advantage, you’re wasting a precious resource.

These following tips can help you on your way to mastering Facebook.

Tip #1: Stay focused. Whatever your niche is, stay in that niche. You must have a laser-like focus on what you and your business is all about. If you stray too far from the center of your business, your audience will become confused. A confused mind never buys.

Tip #2: Include pictures. This is a simple trick that brings about the best response and engages the most people. We are visual beings but a lot of marketers forget that by only posting written content. I’m guilty of it myself. However, if possible, add a picture to your content. People will be drawn to it.

Tip #3: Pay attention to the day. Fridays are proven to the best day to post on social media sites, Facebook included. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by to grab attention from your fans.

Tip #4: Ask questions. Facebook and other sites like it are all about engagement. People want to feel like they are part of a community. Also, people love to talk about themselves. Ask a simple question that they can answer in a sentence or less. This way, it’s almost just too easy to respond to you. For instance, if you have a Facebook fan page about turtles, ask your fans, “What’s your turtle’s name?”

Tip #5: Create contests. Contests are a great way to get people participating on your Facebook page. Everyone loves contests. The contest can be for a free prize, recognition, money, anything you can think of. Make sure that the rules of the contest are clear so that’s there’s no confusion as to what your fans are winning and how.

Tip #6: Incentivize to get fans. Think of it this way- what does your Facebook provide to your target audience? Your goal should be to find what motivates your target consumer. Once you know what motivates them, you can incentivize your page to grab their attention and readership.

Tip #7: Be emotional. Eliciting an emotional response is one of the fastest way to get someone to purchase a product and it’s also a great way to get people engaged. Often, businesses discount the emotional response portion of marketing, thinking that having a good product is enough. Sometimes, it is but they’re missing out on a lot of people buying their product and talking about it because they haven’t given them a reason why they should care. Don’t be a nameless entity. Let your readers know who you are and what you’re all about. That will tell them why your business matters.

Bottom line is this: you’ll never get anywhere with internet marketing unless you take action today. One of the best and biggest steps you can take to further your fan base, your reputation and your bank account is by using Facebook to your advantage. So go get started!

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