23 Breakthrough Tips on Articles For Marketing

23 Breakthrough Tips

on Articles For Marketing


By: Dave Wilson

Articles for marketing are different from other articles. They are easy to write but very tricky as well. When I started internet marketing I thought I wromafmr@yahoo.comould find it easy, I was wrong.

What is article marketing? I asked myself this question and collected all the answers I could. It looked easy at a glance until I got into the process. Everybody with a website writes and all authority sites do as well. Article marketing wasn’t therefore easy on my side. I had to learn how to write articles for marketing and it saved me a big deal. I thought I should help others as well and share what I’ve learnt. Here they are:

  1. Identify your audience. Marketing has a target audience and so do the articles.
  2. Have a catchy title. It must grab your audience. Otherwise they won’t read it.
  3. Keep the title reasonable. Not too long, just enough to grab attention.
  4. Put the reader’s benefits in the tittle. They’ll look for this when they start reading.
  5. Information! Information! Information! Articles for marketing must have quality information.
  6. Write professionally, write about what you really know and watch your tone.
  7. People love controversy. Write on controversial issues if you can.
  8. Keep your paragraphs short. Many people just skim through articles and don’t take time to read. You must therefore give them a layout they can skim over and pick what they are seeking.
  9. Make your points direct and quick. This converts in most of the articles for marketing I have come across.
  10. Adjust your information to suit your target audience. Communication is paramount.
  11. Use bullets and numbers to highlight your most important points, like I am.
  12. Use humour in your articles for marketing. It helps loosen up your audience and get into their minds.
  13. Be yourself and write from your heart. Do not think so much about how to write a sentence. BE REAL.
  14. Be very honest with information. Articles for marketing are for the public and anything you write can be vetted. You must therefore exhibit honesty in your views.
  15. Personify issues and views. Readers read your content to know what you stand for. Great articles for marketing should therefore have personal views.
  16. Offer an incentive in your articles for marketing. This helps you collect contacts from readers.
  17. Allow other publishers to use your articles but maintain the links to your site or resource box.
  18. Conclude your articles with a powerful message. This is what will lead them to taking the next action.
  19. Instruct your readers to take a specific action. Use words like “Click here” instead of “you may click here…” You are in control of your content.
  20. Check the flow of your content and ensure that it flows well.
  21. Optimize your resource box to inform your readers who you are and what you do.
  22. Before you submit, read through your articles for marketing until you feel they are just right for their purpose.
  23. Read great articles in your niche and learn from the experts.

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