19 Easy Tips on Selling Products Online


19 Easy Tips on Selling Products Online


By: Matt Bacak

I found selling products online not as easy as I initially thought. This was a few years ago. Like most of you, I was easily swayed into buying products that promised to make me a millionaire. Like everyone else I lost money buying crap.

In my bitterness, I couldn’t help wondering how people sold products online and made millions yet I struggled just to make a single sale. I took an honest study and followed my mentors’ lessons. I haven’t been so serious with selling products online but still make impressive sales. It is very hard but some of the tips available make selling a product online so easy.

Below are 19 tips that I have used over the years:

  1. If you have multiple products to sell, put each product on its own page.
  2. Prepare a distinct description of each product that you are selling. Do not copy-paste from any source.
  3. Use reviews on your sales page. They are unique and make selling products online easier.
  4. In case you have an array of products, use a shopping cart system. A simple one will do the job.
  5. A few weeks after a purchase, maybe 3 or 4, email your buyer and request them to leave a review of what they bought.
  6. Provide incentives to the buyers to leave reviews on your website. The incentive can go to the best reviews. This always works since every time am selling products online.
  7. Use website analytics tools to monitor how visitors interact with your site. Monitor the clicks and make changes where necessary.
  8. When selling products online, use videos as well. They have a high conversion rates as most people are not ready to read through articles.
  9. In case the products you are selling online run out. Communicate to your buyers and inform them when they are available.
  10. One thing you cannot afford to have when selling products online is have a slow website. Ensure that your website loads fast.
  11. Monitor the searches related to your products and adjust your site to suite them.
  12. Make a blog to talk about your products, offers and exciting information that your visitors would like.
  13. Always offer money back guarantee.
  14. Let people know who they are buying from. Leave your contacts on the page footer or header.
  15. Look out for what people are saying on the social networks. Are they complaining or praising your products. Reacting to these will affect how you are selling products online.
  16. Test your pages to see which types convert best. Google website optimizer does this quite well.
  17. Social media advertising has become quite vital to selling products online.  Use them to drive traffic and make your products viral.
  18. If you have too much information about a product, simply break it down under headings.
  19. Ensure that all the links and payment methods on your site are working.  Otherwise you will lose sales.

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