17 Revenue Sharing Websites

17 Revenue Sharing Websites

By Matt Bacak

Revenue sharing websites are a good opportunity to earning money online. Getting a site that would share revenue with you would be an answered prayer to making quick money online. When it comes to making money online, article writing is the easiest way for any beginner to get started.

I started with article writing and it wasn’t easy finding clients. The complaints from unsatisfied customers weren’t lightly taken either, I almost gave up. After learning the hard way, I came to learn that there are sites that would pay you to share content with them. This was much easier than finding clients.

I decided to compile the list for others just to help them avoid what I went through. Here they are:

1. HubPages – This is one of the popular websites that share revenue with its contributors. It is also great for backlinking. You can monetize it with Kontera, Amazon and EBay. The AdSence share is 60%.

2. Squidoo – This site is great for sharing articles. Furthermore, it is also good for niche sites backlinks. However, their system for sharing content is quite complicated.

3. Infobarrel – This is a new one and has quite much potential to grow. The highest earner on this site earns around $1500. My average earning this year has been around $90. The AdSense share on this site is about 75% to 90%.

4. Xomba – This is a high-ranking bookmarking site that shares 50% of its AdSense Revenue with you. However, they no longer allow links to your own content.

5. Bukisa – Is an article site that shares 60% of its revenue with contributors, either through AdSense or Chitika.

6. Snipsly – It shares 80% of its AdSense revenue.

7. SquidStop – This is a social bookmarking site gives 100% of AdSense revenue share to you.

8. Jevitt – It is also a Social bookmarking site that shares 80% of its AdSense revenue.

9. Seekyt – This is an article sharing site. Its’ main sources of income are through Amazon and AdSense and shares 70% of it.

10. SheToldMe – Is a social bookmarking site that gives 100% of AdSense revenue to you.

11. Best Reviewer – This site is a collection of “top lists”. An example would be “Top 15 Ways To… ” You earn 100% of the AdSense revenue.

12. TipDrop – Is a social bookmarking site where you earn 75% of the revenue share.

13. Flixya – This site allows you to share photos, videos and blogs and keep 100% of the revenue.

14. Tagfoot – Is a social bookmarking site as well as any other content that can be shared. You get to keep 50% of the AdSense revenue earned.

15. OnGoBee – This is a social bookmarking site that allows you to keep 60% of the revenue earned from AdSense.

16. RateItAll – Allows you to write reviews and rate products. You get to keep 50% of the AdSense revenue from your content.

17. Mixx – Allows you to share articles, videos and photos and get to keep 50% of the AdSense revenue.



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