15 Tips to Improve Your Sales Letter

15 Tips to Improve Your Sales Letter

by Matt Bacak

As a marketer knowing how to improve your sales letter is the most valuable resource you will have to propel any business. We are in dynamic markets where consumers are aware of what they want and are very specific about what they want. Technology has also increased the rate at which competitors rise in any market and being an authority is not easy.

This puts us on the edge of having to know to maintain existing clients and getting new ones at the onset of any tiny chance. With the tips below, this monster won’t be so hard to beat.

1. Send it to the right people. Your sales letter must land in the right prospects’ hands. Otherwise your letter won’t even be opened.

2. I once received an envelope with the teaser copy “Now you can get____________ for half-price!” My immediate response was “who told you I wanted 1?!” and put the letter aside. Teasers can be good but they give your letter recipients the wrong incentive to throw away the letter. Keep them off the envelope.

3. Do you know of the surest way to having your sales letter opened? Research and practice have shown that hand writing the name and address of your recipient works better than printing.

4. Continuously personalize your sales letter. Address people with personalized words and personalized issues. Write things they can relate to.

5. Write naturally. Do not pretend or be over friendly. Write it the way you would say it.

6. Always select a single benefit that is above the other benefits and highlight it. This is the principle selling position.

7. Review your headlines and monitor the responses. Ensure that the headline is attention catching and highlights the principle selling position.

8. Take a look at the features of your product and convert them to customers’ benefits in your sales letter.

9. If you have different segments, write different versions of your sales script to your different clients. Ensure that the benefits are distinct in each version.

10. The current generation is a generation that wants things fast. If your sales offer such chances you will be delighted. Include order forms to help collect your orders.

11. Sales letters are about communicating to someone else. The more it looks like a letter written from one person to another, the better it will work. Keep off fancy graphics.

12. Your copy should emphasize the benefits in a way that will create emotional connection with the customers.

13. The first few paragraphs are very important. They should be used to create a desire for the product. You do not need to get to the details at this point.

14. Testimonials are awesome! They sell well. Get believable copies from real people and they will help foster your credibility online and offline.

15. If you get a good response from your mailing list, send repeat email two or three weeks later. It will improve the response.

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