11 Benefits and Importance of SEO

11 Benefits and Importance of SEO

By Matt Bacak

One might think that the importance of SEO might not be much to a website. However, as much as you can receive tons of traffic from paid ads and your mailing list, your site needs some SEO attention. If you are not working on the search engine optimization of your website, you are missing on a fortune of visitors online.

If you have doubts on why you should not do some SEO justice your site, the reasons below might show you what you are missing on.

1. I receive about 17% of new visitors to my website each month from the search engines. This means that each month is a month of growth to my website.

2. On one of my websites has only 5 blog posts showing up on the 1st page of Google. Each of them attracts traffic to my website independently. This turns out to be a ton of free traffic to my website at the end of the month.

3. Apart from blog posts, I do article marketing for my website. These contribute about 5% of traffic to my website on a monthly basis. The articles mainly get traffic from the search engines.

The above examples are just an illustration on how I leverage on search engine optimization to automate free traffic. The best part (which you might not notice from between the lines) is that the amount of traffic I receive to my website grows automatically.

Below are the benefits explained:

4. SEO is the way of analyzing as well as constructing web pages and whole sites so they can be analyzed and indexed by the existing search engines.

5. This improves the relevance of the content of your website, the beauty of the content and easy to search and index by search engines.

6. By optimizing your website, you position yourself to be found by clients who do not have an idea on how to reach you. How would you feel if your potential clients could not find your contact details? I doubt if your business continuity will be rosy.

7. If your website cannot be located by online users, they might not even know that your site exists. This could translate to missing a share of the market your business engages in.

8. You might want to write content on niches that interest you but not directly related to your business. You could put the content in an article directory. The best way to have you article receive reads is through optimized platforms such as the search engine.

9. How do potential clients find you online? They go to the search engines and type words in the box and hit enter. They see your site and click on it to land to your website.

10. They can also find the exact location of your business through search Maps.

11. Your website could also be listed on the local listings. The simplest way of potential clients finding you is through online local listings.


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