“How to write effective articles”

Do you need to find freelancers to write articles for you? Then keep reading. Places where you can find freelancers to write articles for you include:Article Creation Place 1. http://www.topicauthors.comArticle Creation Place 2. http://www.articlemojo.comArticle Creation Place 3. http://www.therealarticlefactory.comArticle Creation Place 4. http://www.thephantomwriters.comArticle Creation Place 5. http://www.elance.comArticle Creation Place 6. http://www.guru.com At these websites you may […]

“How can you use myspace.com in your viral marketing efforts?”

If you want to create organic viral traffic to your website that you have to focus on things you haven’t done before. You have to try a variety of techniques and strategies. The Internet is constantly changing and with the new technology comes new opportunities to drive traffic to your website. You should find a […]

“Butterfly Marketing: What is it?”

What is butterfly marketing? Butterfly marketing comes from the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect involves going back in time and changing one little thing. This would change everything in the current world. Butterfly marketing is similar. Butterfly marketing is based on the theory that one little marketing act can change your entire marketing results. There […]

“Triple your Opt-In List in 99 Days – Part II”

Following are steps 8 -17 that will triple your opt-in list in 99 days: Step #8: How to utilize your website traffic to build your list.– You can split up the sign up forms on your website.– You can add a pop up box.– Auto-subscribing to your list by clicking twice on an opt-in box […]

“The 2 Types of Traffic Sources for Your Internet Website”

What is the difference between traffic and “targeted” traffic?You can pay money to get general traffic. However, if these people don’t want your product then you won’t make money. Targeted traffic will be interested in your product and will buy. Internet Traffic Myth: “If you build it they will come.”Just building a website does not […]