Capturing Names for Your JV Deal

If you are partnering with someone and helping promote their products as well as yours, how do you ensure you have access to the customer list? This is a question I received recently. To make this completely clear, here was the question: “How should I set up 1ShoppingCart to accomplish the following? I’m working independently […]

Four Things Your Sales Letter Needs to Make the Sale

If you have a strong sales letter there are many other things to can do in order to ensure that you make the sale. Here they are: Pop-ups – You can utilize pop-ups to make some more money. When your visitor is leaving your site you can have a pop-up window that comes up upon […]

“FAQ’s about Autoresponders – Part Two”

Still have questions about Autoresponders? Following are another set of frequently asked questions about Autoresponders. These answers may help you solve a problem or fine tune the way you use Autoresponders. Autoresponder Question: Here’s my situation. I am changing the way I create my website so that I now use FrontPage. The Question is – […]

“11 Tips for Joint Ventures”

Law of Attraction vs. The Law of Action – Which is more important?Both laws are important. Every morning you should focus on what your goals are and then take action. One major action you can take is to set up joint ventures. There are a few things to keep in mind when you engage in […]

“Become an Expert and Maximize your Profit”

Did you know that you can become an expert by association? You can gain instant respect and confidence when you position yourself as an expert or associate with experts. Your business should emphasize your area of expertise or the expertise of the people with whom you associate. You can employ a model that makes massive […]