Effortlessly Creating An Email Sequence

Effortlessly Creating An Email Sequence By Matt Bacak   I have a lot of people ask me how I come up with email sequences when selling a product, whether it’s my own product or an affiliate product. A lot of people think way too hard about this. They spend hours agonizing over what to write […]

15 Tips to Improve Your Sales Letter

15 Tips to Improve Your Sales Letter by Matt Bacak   As a marketer knowing how to improve your sales letter is the most valuable resource you will have to propel any business. We are in dynamic markets where consumers are aware of what they want and are very specific about what they want. Technology […]

The Quickest Way to Sell your Products Online

Now that you have launched your product and made some sales, what is the best and quickest way to get your product in front of as many eyes as possible? Well, Clickbank is always a great way since it is the Internet’s largest digital marketplace. It is also very easy to list with them and […]

Teleseminars: Communicate with Your Visitors

Holding a teleseminar takes patience, planning and true professionalism. If you are holding a teleseminar always remember to communicate thoroughly with your audience. What I mean by “thoroughly” is don’t only send them email message reminders, but also give them a call. As long as your opt-in form has an area where they can enter […]

Do You Have a Winning List?

If you have a website business you already know the importance of having a list. Your list of prospects are those that you can email again and again in order to promote your offers and make sales. But how do you know if your list is good you ask? I’ve heard a lot of people […]

Using Videos to Grow Your Business

Taking your business to the next level is very doable especially if you consider adding video advertising to your marketing. Now when I say advertising I don’t necessarily mean blatant in-your-face advertising. I mean showing what it is your business has to offer, whether it be services or tools or just offering information to your […]

“7 Tips for Sales Calls”

Calling customers on the phone and having a one-on-one phone consultation can be an extremely lucrative and effective sales tool. You need to follow a specific three step format in which you understand their situation, present the ideal situation, and demonstrate how your product can help them achieve an ideal situation. Following is a list […]