“What type of topic should a public speaker talk about?”

If you have information that people can make money with or save money with it then it is a monetary topic. If they can’t make money or save money with that topic then it is a non-monetary topic. Every presentation topic fits in one of these two categories. So which topic should you speak about […]

“What type of public speaker are you?”

There are three categories of people that make excellent speakers. Which type of speaker are you? Public Speaker Category 1: The Authority. If you know a lot about a subject then you can become an authority speaker. If you have proven yourself then you can be an authority. When you are an authority then everybody […]

“Why anyone can make money as a public speaker"

Public speaking can earn you loads more cash then you thought possible. You can be a seminar speaker and get paid the big money to speak to others in public. Most people watch public speakers in awe. They believe that they could never possibly be a public speaker. This is not true. Everyone has the […]