FREE REPORT: How to Write Foolproof Media Releases

Are you looking for inexpensive ways to promote yourself or your business? Well, read my Free report about media releases, they are one of  the most cost effective promotion vehicles available. You can read the report or download  it now at 3 places: (choose 1) Download from Scribd – click here Download from Docstoc – […]

The A9 Process of bringing more traffic to your website – Step 3

Step 3 in the A9 process is where we’re going to take your article – and repurpose the content. We’re actually going to rework your article into a press release. So, we just took that same article that you just created and we revamped it and made it into a press release. We have now […]

Being Featured In A Magazine – How to MILK IT!

If you are going to be a featured expert in a publication, milk it like there’s no tomorrow. I had a student who told me he was going to be featured in Men’s Fitness Top 100 Trainers. Now that is huge! So the strategy I told him to follow was to first write a press […]

Can Buying PR Links and Press Releases Lead You to the Top of the Search Engines?

Purchasing PR links has become the norm all over the internet as businesses are desperate to expand their reach and gain more visitors. But before you decide to throw a bunch of cash into buying top spot PR links like PR1, PR2, PR3, it’s important for you to realize that these positions are highly competitive […]

“Lucrative PR Strategies for Internet businesses”

What PR strategy can you use now that will consistently earn you money? You can participate in the Google AdSense program. Google AdSense places related advertisements on your website. You earn money every time somebody clicks on these advertisements. You can also max out the use of press releases. Sending press releases on a constant […]

“The Quick and Dirty Way to Book a Radio or Television Interview”

How to get booked on radio and TV:1. You have to create a 60 second pitch. This is also known as an elevator pitch. You have to be able to talk about your website and product all in 60 seconds. You need to practice this pitch. Producers are very busy so you have to get […]

“The Muscle of Classified Internet Ads”

Have you mastered the art of press releases? Do you want another commanding tool that will drive traffic to your website? Then get ready to try something that will increase your website traffic through classified Internet ads. Classified Internet ads should be used in addition to press releases. So what are the advantages of classified […]

“Top Spot on Google? You can grab it!”

What search engine do you think is the most popular search engine today? Is it MSN, Yahoo, or Google? If you answered “Google” then you are correct. Google is the search engine that millions of Internet users turn to everyday. People use Google to find information that answers their question or problem. Let’s say that […]

“Help! What should my press release be about?”

You know that sending out press releases for your Internet business website is a great idea. The press releases will increase your ranking in Google. Potential customers will be able to find you and your website more easily as your website is ranked at the top of Google. They will click on your link and […]

“Classified Internet Ads – A Best Kept Secret”

Sending out press releases on the Internet is an extremely powerful tool in more ways than one. Press releases will increase the rank of your website in Google. This is due to the fact that press releases provide new content and each word is viewed as a keyword. The basic components of a press release […]