The Amazing Power of Giving Stuff Away

The Amazing Power of Giving Stuff Away   By Matt Bacak   How do you make money online? You pick a hot market, you set up a website with a lead capture page (opt-in page), you sell products and you also collect those email address to sell those leads products or services in the future. […]

Teleseminars: Communicate with Your Visitors

Holding a teleseminar takes patience, planning and true professionalism. If you are holding a teleseminar always remember to communicate thoroughly with your audience. What I mean by “thoroughly” is don’t only send them email message reminders, but also give them a call. As long as your opt-in form has an area where they can enter […]

The Right Way to Ask Your Customers …“How Did You Hear About Us?”

When you run an online business it is always extremely important to know where your customers heard about you and how they landed on your site in the first place. Did they read an article, see your press release, click on your Google Adwords campaign or find you through the search engines? You need to […]

Are Name Squeeze Pages Only Meant for Certain Types of Products?

If you are considering having a name squeeze page also known as an autoresponder or opt-in page to sell a product you’re definitely on the right track! It really doesn’t matter what your product is even if your products are outside of the internet marketing niche an opt-in page is a definite must. Whether you’re […]

“Nail that Radio Show Interview with these Tips”

Do you have products to promote? If you have an Internet business then the answer is a definite “yes”. Did you know that you can promote your products and improve your image through radio interviews? Learn how to book radio interviews that will give you and your business the publicity exposure it desperately needs. This […]