Setting Up and Opt-in Box on Your Blog

If you are not familiar with what an opt-in box is, you should be. So, go over to and look on the right hand side just below the fold (which I think is a perfect place to position this) and you will see I have an opt-in box for people to sign up to […]

“5 Tips to Significantly Increase Sales”

How can you develop relationships with your list? Start by sending a teaser email with a provocative question. Let your list download the first three chapters of your information product as well. This allows them to consume your product and it engages them. This process increases the chances of turning your subscribers into paying customers. […]

How to Format and Optimize your Branding Website

While it is true that your squeeze page is critical to generating leads, it is also important to correctly set up and optimize your branding website. What exactly should you put on your branding website? What format should you use? Following are tips from an Internet marketing guru. Branding Website Format:The general format and layout […]