How to Pick the Right Offers to Mail

How to Pick the Right Offers to Mail by Matt Bacak   There’s a concept in my office that I created to help my affiliate manager ascertain which offers to mail to my list. I call it “Crossing the Line.” It’s very simple to understand when you look at this way: Pure Offers ——————- Hybrid […]

Teleseminars: Communicate with Your Visitors

Holding a teleseminar takes patience, planning and true professionalism. If you are holding a teleseminar always remember to communicate thoroughly with your audience. What I mean by “thoroughly” is don’t only send them email message reminders, but also give them a call. As long as your opt-in form has an area where they can enter […]

“No Technical Skills? No Problem!”

One of the biggest issues people have about Internet businesses is that they don’t think they have the necessary technical skills. For example, they don’t know how to create a website. They are technically challenged. They use this as an excuse to not start and Internet business. Guess what? You don’t have to be technologically […]

“This way of talking can be the difference between success and failure.”

If you think about it, your thoughts turn into your language. Your language turns into action, and your action turns into results. You may have heard that before and most people say, “Oh yeah, I might know that.” But, here’s the deal: there are two different types of language people use. I want you to […]

“How to Attract your Goal Income each Month”

Can you answer the following five questions correctly? 1.) What three words will make you hand over all your money to me? Answer: “Stick ‘em up!” 2.) What eight words will get you to never have money worries again? Answer: “You never have to worry about money again.” 3.) What one word is the greatest […]