JVNotify Pro

Product: JVNotify Pro by Mike Merz Cost: As low as $47.00   JVNotify Pro   By: Matt Bacak There are many ways to get up to date information about product launches but the best way is by using JVNotify Pro. This is a forum that’s specially designed to provide all the necessary information about a […]

attn: Mass Money Maker – JV’s and Affiliates.

(Affiliates) The FINAL Top 50 To all our JV’s and Affiliates, **Link to top 50 at the bottom** Before we tell you who won what, and who won what prize… Before all that, we want to let you know that this all started kinda started out with this quote: “I went looking for something powerful, […]

How Much Commission Do You Give Your JV Partners?

How Much Commission Do You Give Your JV Partners? How Much Commission Do You Give Your JV Partners? By Matt Bacak If you are holding an online event like a series of online teleseminars or virtual expos focused on interviewing experts for the purpose of later selling the audio recordings as a downloadable product once […]

Capturing Names for Your JV Deal

If you are partnering with someone and helping promote their products as well as yours, how do you ensure you have access to the customer list? This is a question I received recently. To make this completely clear, here was the question: “How should I set up 1ShoppingCart to accomplish the following? I’m working independently […]

Divide Your Teleseminar into 3 Parts for Ultimate Success!

As any web site owner knows, and if you’ve read any of my articles you know that I am a big fan of teleseminars. But what many web site owners fail to realise is that there is a science to holding your teleseminars – a 3 step process. Let me explain… What I usually do […]