“Podcasting: No, it’s not a new type of fishing.”

Podcasting. It may sound like a type of fishing or a new extreme sport. Podcasting is actually a technological tool that you can use in your marketing efforts. It is yet another way to reach your target audience. What exactly is podcasting? If you can create audio content that people would want to receive and […]

“Million Dollar Idea: The Learn Pod”

Million dollar Idea: The concept of the “Learn pod”. This is a preloaded iPod or Zen. It can be any type of media player that is preloaded. You can give the iPod away for free, but sell the content that is on the iPod. You can have a play list of all your audio content […]

“Unleash the Power of Blogs”

New media marketing such as Blogs should be an integral part of your Internet marketing plan. Internet technology changes rapidly and you need to keep pace with new advancements in technology. Old media including radio, television, and print are not going to go away, but you shouldn’t focus on this old media alone. You should […]