How To Get Free Legitimate Website Traffic

How To Get Free Legitimate Website Traffic by Matt Bacak   So you’ve created a website and you aren’t getting any visitors? What should you do? Send traffic to your website! While sending traffic to your website can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be. There are several free methods that you can employ to […]

10 Simple Ways To Generate Traffic Now

10 Simple Ways To Generate Traffic Now   By: Matt Bacak If your current website traffic is not converting to leads or sales, then you’re not attracting targeted visitors who are specifically interested in what you’re offering. But there’s a simple solution.  It’s not rocket science.  You just need a simple plan of attack. Here […]

Local Search

If you’re looking from an SEO perspective for local search, it’s pretty easy. Just find names of counties and things like that and put them in your keywords. Think about what people are searching for. You can take Atlanta for example; I used to dominate “Atlanta internet marketing tips.” Why? Well, because there were a […]

“The 2 Types of Traffic Sources for Your Internet Website”

What is the difference between traffic and “targeted” traffic?You can pay money to get general traffic. However, if these people don’t want your product then you won’t make money. Targeted traffic will be interested in your product and will buy. Internet Traffic Myth: “If you build it they will come.”Just building a website does not […]