How to Promote Your Business Using Articles

How to Promote Your Business Using Articles By Matt Bacak Promoting your business using articles remains one of the most effective ways of online marketing. It will not cease to be vital in marketing as long as people are still willing to consume written content. However, unless it is done well, your business would not […]

23 Breakthrough Tips on Articles For Marketing

23 Breakthrough Tips on Articles For Marketing   By: Dave Wilson Articles for marketing are different from other articles. They are easy to write but very tricky as well. When I started internet marketing I thought I wromafmr@yahoo.comould find it easy, I was wrong. What is article marketing? I asked myself this question and collected […]

5 Definitions of Article Marketing

5 Definitions of Article Marketing   By Matt Bacak People interested in making a living from the internet have probably heard of article marketing. Simply put, articles marketing is a technique where a person writes up specific information about a product, service or individual and then publishes it on specific sites referred to as article […]

Article Marketing for Traffic

    Article Marketing for Traffic   By: Matt Bacak If you’re serious about making money online, article marketing should be one of your main promotion strategies. It’s a great way to build a consistent flow of traffic. Here’s how it works: Each week, you write at least one article about the product you are […]

Matt Bacak Explains Why Article Marketing is Key to Online Success

Every successful online marketer has a list of prospective clients, and article marketing is crucial to building your list.  By writing articles, you lead the reader to your opt-in page, where you collect their name and email address by offering a free report or other service that is perceived as valuable to your visitor.  Writing […]

Matt Bacak’s 5 Tips for an Effective Affiliate Marketing Website

A well built affiliate marketing website can help you increase your affiliate sales dramatically.  While you don’t really have to have a website to sell affiliate products, it’s a good idea if you are really serious about earning a full time income online.  It gives your visitors the impression that you are an expert at […]

Matt Bacak 3 Reasons Why Article Marketing is a Great Niche Marketing Strategy

Article marketing is a great multi-purpose niche marketing strategy for several reasons.  Subscribers to Matt Bacak’s Internet Marketing Dirt learn about this niche marketing strategy every month.  Why is article marketing such a great way to go? Article marketing will provide rank-building backlinks to your affiliate marketing website. The links you get from this niche […]

Article Marketing is Free – and a Must To Build Your Reputation

Article marketing is one of the absolute best methods you can use to build your reputation and your online business.  By submitting articles to top-ranked article directories, you can easily become known as an expert in your niche or industry. When article directories, such as  Ezine or News Album like your articles, they are likely […]