Best Ways to Network and Joint Venture

I always say this and I truly believe that going to networking type seminars are one of, if not, the best ways to find joint venture partners. That is not to say that other methods aren’t effective, but even in this day and age, nothing beats face-to-face communication. Through my participation at the last Big […]

Choosing an Affiliate Program – What’s Appropriate?

Affiliate programs have been around for some time and if you are in the world of internet marketing you probably know what an affiliate program is. However, if not it is a program run by a company that allows you sign up and they will pay you for any sales you make for them. They […]

“Tips for Ezine Advertising”

Ezine advertising is used by both Internet marketers and network marketers. Ezine advertising can and should be used in ever niche. It is another way to drive traffic to your website and increase sales. What is a good website that you can go to find ezines that you can advertise in? Go to and […]