“You’re not perfect!”

You have to realize that you are not perfect. This may seem like a hard pill to swallow especially if you are a classic overachiever. However, realizing that you are not perfect will save you a lot of time and heartache. If you are not perfect then you don’t have to worry about trying to be perfect or achieving a level of perfection.

Don’t worry about making mistakes in your Internet business because they are inevitable. Don’t let the fear of rejection or failure stop you from doing the tasks necessary to build your Internet business and earn more money. Realize that you can learn from mistakes and move on. Often these learning experiences are the most valuable. So get out there and try.

Did you know that uncomfortable feelings are actually a good sign? It can give you the impetus to change and grow. You should embrace these feelings of unease. You have to feel uncomfortable before you can feel comfortable.

For example, you may think that attending a seminar costs too much money. While it may cost more money than you can afford at the time, you have to think long term. The uncomfortable feeling about the price will go away when you find the investment worth it down the road. By going to the seminar you will learn techniques and meet people that will enable you to earn more money than you ever thought possible.

Think about it this way. If you don’t go to the seminar then you will stay at the same level. You’ll waste time going nowhere and become frustrated. A side result of no action is that you will experience more uncomfortable situations in the future because you missed out on the benefits of attending the seminar.

Don’t live in regret. Take action on opportunities that come your way. Say “yes” to new experiences and you can revel in growth, opportunities, and results that far exceed your initial dreams. Push yourself. Step out of your comfort zone every day.

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak

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