Your Keyword List Affects Your Google Adwords Campaigns

Creating a Google Adwords Campaign is a fairly simple process. All you have to do is go to and click on Advertising Programs. Then it leads to another page and you’ll see the Google Adwords link on the left side. If you haven’t signed up already for Google Adwords, do so immediately. This is a great way to leverage your existing organic traffic and sales with those from your campaigns.

Once you sign up you’ll have to start a campaign and produce ad groups so that you can test and tweak what ads are working and what ads are not. But you should realize that your ad wording is not the only important thing you need to consider when preparing your ads. You need to also think about your keyword lists!
The more keywords you have when you run your campaigns the better. I always say about 80% of your words are not going to perform well and the other 20% are going to be good.

When you set up your Google AdWords campaign you don’t initially know which keywords are actually going to perform for you. So that’s where you have to do some testing and observing to see what your visitors are responding to in your ads. So, basically, if you throw a bunch of keywords into your campaign and run the ad, you’re going to figure out which keywords are getting impressions and which keywords aren’t getting impressions. This way you’ll know which ones are working and which ones aren’t.

If you run your ads for a day or two you’ll be able to see what keywords are performing for you. For those keywords that are not getting any or are getting extremely low impressions delete these. Take note of your keywords that are getting a good response rate. These keywords getting the impressions will be a part of your 20%. Then once you’re down to the top 20% keep this list of keywords and use it to create your new keyword list for your final Google Adwords campaign.

You can even create new ad groups! So, you have a campaign and inside each campaign you have an ad group. Therefore, inside that campaign you’ve created, you separate all the keywords into the list of the strong keywords that are part of your 20% list. This list is now more targeted or shall we say “niched” and will definitely grab more results from your visitors.

Better results equal higher returns for you and your business! A definite win-win!!

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