“What type of public speaker are you?”

There are three categories of people that make excellent speakers. Which type of speaker are you?

Public Speaker Category 1: The Authority. If you know a lot about a subject then you can become an authority speaker. If you have proven yourself then you can be an authority. When you are an authority then everybody wants you to speak.

But what if you aren’t an authority on anything? Not to worry. You can be a person in the next category.

Public Speaker Category 2: The Reporter. A reporter means that you wear a different hat when you are speaking. Instead of telling people how you did things, you tell people about what you learned from the authority speakers. You can also craft books and products that gather the teachings of all the authorities into one resource. You simply report what you have learned from others.

But wait, I’m not an authority or a report. Then category three may be for you.

Public Speaker Category 3: The Student. This is a person that everyone can relate to.

You need to find the public speaker category that best fits your current situation, personality, and desires. How do you now if you are an authority or not? You can go to the library and check out an Idiot’s guide. Look at the table of contents for the Idiot’s guide on your content. Can you talk about all the topics in the table of contents? If so then you are an authority. You can also use this table of contents to structure the flow of your presentation on the topic.

As a public speaker one of your goals is to plant seed of ideas in your audience. You teach people and plant ideas into their brains. These ideas grow into flowers that will result in future sales for you. Public speaking is extremely powerful.

Public speaking is also a prime venue for creating joint ventures. You may have people in your audience that are potential business partners and life long friends or both. By speaking to a mass audience you have the opportunity to showcase yourself and your business. It is an excellent and effective way to reel in lucrative joint venture partners.

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