Viral Marketing: Traffic and Leads on Auto-pilot

I’ve got another cool tip that will bring you
traffic and leads on complete auto-pilot.

You do the work once and turn on the “machine”
and let it work for you 24/7 365 days a year.

I’m talking about Viral Marketing.

Here’s how it works…

You create a basic report on an in-demand topic
in your niche and turn it into a PDF.

If you already have a product, use this report
as a lead-generator by compiling valuable info
related to your product that someone can use
and benefit from right away.

Here’s the driving force behind this method…

– Include *Transferrable* Master Resell Rights!

Make note of this inside the PDF after the Title
and before the Table of Content or the start of
the product content.

You want everyone who gets their hands on it
to know that they can pass it along.

Side note – they typically will be too lazy to
do so if you do not give them the necessary
means to do so.

This means passing on any and everything that
makes it super easy and convenient for them
to pass it on to others.

This can included, but not limited to..

a sales page, download page, instructions on
setting it up, etc… everything possible to
make sure they won’t have an excuse not to
pass it on.

Here’s something I’ve done in the past with
huge success.

I created a report, had a graphic made for it,
created a simple, professional looking opt-in
“squeeze” page for it and provided instructions
on how to insert the autoresponder email form
to the page and how to upload to their site
so that all they had to do is send traffic to

I even included a ready-made email or two that
they could paste into their autoresponder.

Just to make SURE they took action, I included
a couple of traffic generation methods that
they could use right away to start getting

But I took the report one step further…

I made it brandable so that others (if they
chose to) could brand the report with their
affiliate link to my product referenced in
the report!

I used to make it brandable.

Do you see how powerful this can be?

I was getting affiliates signing up to my
affiliate program week after week on total

Now, you have to understand, everytime someone
downloaded this ready-made list building system
they TOO had transferrable master rights!

They could sell it or give it away.

If you REALLY want something to go viral, I
would highly recommend that you make sure to
include “giveaway rights”.

And to get the “viral ball” rolling, GIVE it
away to others as often as possible.

Forums are a great way to to do this.

But the best catalyst for this are active
affiliates in your market! Find them and let
them use your report as they please to help
them attract more leads and make more

——————Hot Tip——————–

Include an Ad for your highest converting
“squeeze page” inside your viral report so
that you can build your own list on 100%
autopilot while others do the hard work!


To give it every chance of getting exposure
on the net, submit it to ebook directories.
Just do a search for them in Google :-)

That’s it for today. This method is VERY
powerful for generating quality leads and
traffic. Take advantage of it.

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