“Video – A Million Dollar Idea”

Have you invested in the Audio Generator Super Snazzy Player yet? Have you set up a gold membership site that brings in residual income month after month? Do you utilize Ask campaigns? Do you have lucrative joint venture partners? If so then pat yourself on the back because you are on the right track. But don’t stop there. There are still more million dollar ideas you can monetize. What else could possible be left? Read on to find out.

Million Dollar Idea #6: Use Instant Video Generator to dialogue with first time website visitors. Use online video to let people know who you are. Tell them about your free bonuses. Tell them what your website and business have to offer. Use the video to instruct people to give you their name and email address so they can obtain your free bonuses.

Video enables you to convey your messages with audio and visual components. This is much more effective then text alone. The website visitor can hear your voice and get a feel for your inflection. Video allows them to see you as well. They will trust you much more and sooner. The level of trust you can build through video is better than any other method on the Internet.

Are you afraid of being on camera? Not to worry. You can demonstrate how your product works through the video. For example, you can use screen capture of your computer screen demonstrating your new software program while you narrate the instructions.

Million Dollar Idea #7: Move the free line to the left.
Many people are scarcity thinkers. They will go to the right side of your website looking at your content. Don’t hold back on content. Give your best content away for free. The content you give away will yield you far more future sales. Your customers will be happy and impressed that you gave them valuable information for free. They will purchase products from you in the future based on the access to the free products in your first or subsequent meetings.

So there you have it, two more million dollar ideas to get started on. Take action now.

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