Using Videos to Grow Your Business

Taking your business to the next level is very doable especially if you consider adding video advertising to your marketing. Now when I say advertising I don’t necessarily mean blatant in-your-face advertising. I mean showing what it is your business has to offer, whether it be services or tools or just offering information to your audience. These all can be considered forms of advertising. It gets your message across and can do it extremely quickly.

Video is viral. This visible medium can take your business to the next level because videos are so contagious. Consider and other video sites like Yahoo Video, MSN Video, Google Video, Brightcove, Mochila or Blinkx and others… These sites all have a huge following and if you place your video on any of these sites you are bound to see your traffic increase.

Communicating with your customers and potential customers with the use of video can add a fresh perspective to the always common simple website text. Video is dynamic, fresh and can be very informative in a matter of seconds. It saves your visitor time and also adds an intriguing twist to the regular static text online world.

Here are some tips to consider when adding video to your website:

1.First ask yourself if the video will add sales to your website. Your answer should be a definite yes!

2.Will you make the video yourself or have a professional produce it for you? There are a lot of fairly inexpensive video devices available that can produce good quality videos. Consider your market. Is your business extremely professional and targeting top notch clientele? If so, perhaps hiring a professional videographer is the answer. However, if your market can handle a more laid-back casual video style then you may be able to be your own personal videographer!

3.Do you have the expertise to produce, upload and host the video for your website? If not, perhaps you’ll need to invest some time or possibly invest some money into educating yourself. There are also a lot of online resources available that can train you on how to add video to your website for free. But make sure you get good solid information that will make your business stand out from your competitors!

You must also consider that like with anything on the internet, marketing is one of the main factors in expanding your business. Why not test out video on your website and see the response. Online video is now in its infancy and other businesses are catching on fast. Make sure you’re ahead of the game by adding video to your online marketing efforts so that you too can reap the rewards with increased sales.

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