“Triple your Opt-In List in 99 Days – Part II”

Following are steps 8 -17 that will triple your opt-in list in 99 days:

Step #8: How to utilize your website traffic to build your list.
– You can split up the sign up forms on your website.
– You can add a pop up box.
– Auto-subscribing to your list by clicking twice on an opt-in box is much easier than having people type in their information. Why? They may mistype their information.

Step #9: How to make even more money from your list. This is where you start the sales process at a higher level. A small percentage of your subscriber list will actually buy so you need to…
1. Increase the number of customers.
2. Increase the amount of purchase at the time of transaction.
3. Increase the chances of the customers coming back.

In other words, sell to more people at a higher amount more often.

Tip: Maximize the traffic by up selling at the time of purchase. Think of McDonald’s – Do you want fries with that?

Tip: Get people to come back to you by sending follow up emails in an Autoresponder sequence.

Step #10: How to acquire subscribers for free. Use an ezine directory and announcement list. You can accomplish this manually or use programs that will automate this process for you.

Step #11: It is better to use a subscribe email link instead of a URL. This enables you to capture the website visitor right away.

You can also build your list for free by using a signature file. A signature file is composed of the 4-6 lines at the bottom of the email. You can include your contact information and your unique selling proposition.

You can also use http://www.listpartners.com where you can acquire the subscribers through word of mouth. You can give awards to these partners such as free advertising on your website.

You can also display testimonials that give you credibility and spread your product and service across the Internet.

Step #12: How to build your profits when you are building your list:
This can be accomplished in 3 ways:
1. Ezine ads and solo ads which are instant.
2. Pay-per-click ads in the search engines. http://www.paidperclicksearchengines.com
3. Convert visitors into email subscribers by using a pop up box. A pop up box will significantly increase the subscriber conversion.

Step #13: How to build your list through competition and co-registration.
This is cooperation with your competitor by building your list. You work with your competitor not against them.

Co-registration involves registering for complementary products during list sign up. You can recommend complementary websites and products in your thank you page. You can also go with the pay subscriber list. Good resource: http://www.listbuilder.com and http://www.worldwidelist.com.

Step #14: Create competition by fusing. Fusing is a collaborative marketing alliance with one or more business which will help you market your business while you market their business. This is also known as a joint venture.

Step #15: Attract subscribers through syndication of articles. This is viral marketing. You can have your articles appear all over the Internet in no time flat.

Step #16: Decrease your advertising cost while increasing your market research. You can accomplish this by buying subscribers in a pool of other marketers. You work together to build your lists.

Step #17: Build your list through an affiliate program. This enables you to have access to the lists of other marketers. Engage in super affiliate marketing. Build a relationship with your list and then complete a joint venture offer with somebody else in your niche that is successful.

Tip: Follow the steps in the order in which they are presented. If you jump ahead you will encounter many obstacles so stick with the order of this proven list building system.

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