Tips on Split Testing for Conversions

Tips on Split Testing for Conversions

Tips on Split Testing for Conversions
By Matt Bacak

My internet marketing students ask me all the time to visit their sites and offer any suggestions, tips and tweaks that I think would work well for them. I have no problem with this. I actually look forward to see what they are working on and am honored to give them my advice to help them increase their conversions. Sometimes, just making small changes can work wonders and other times it may require a lot more work. However, when making changes and seeing improvements in your conversion rates, how do you really know when to stop tweaking? Or should you just leave it alone for a while and drive more traffic to it?

Now, this is a where many people get lost. They know they need to test, but they don’t really know how to set that up and therefore give up before trying. Well, quite honestly, split testing is a very easy thing to do. It is so brain-dead simple that everybody should be doing it.

The first thing you need to do is create something such as a squeeze page or sales page. After you have completed that, create another similar page, but this time you are going to change it up a bit. Next, do a search to find the free Google Website Optimizer tool. Once you’ve landed there, you will have to set up a Website Optimizer account which again, is very easy and straight forward. After you sign up for Google Website Optimizer and when you’re in your account, you go to A/B Experiment, A Simple Way to Start Split Testing. It will say, “Choose the page that you want to test. Create alternative versions of the page.” And then basically what you do is you identify your conversion page, and that’s pretty much it. It’s really simple to do.

Let’s say you created an opt-in page. The first thing it’s going to ask you to do is is to name your experiment. You’re going to name it “Opt-in Page”. Let’s just use that in this example. Now what it’s going to do is ask you to identify the pages that you want to test. Let’s just say you’re doing an A/B split test. That means you’re running one web page against another. So, you have your original one, and then you create a new one. Now you’re going to type in the name of the original URL. Basically, you’ve just got to take action and do it. Then after you’ve set up your two pages that you want to split test, you then click to continue, and Website Optimizer will guide you through each step and give you the exact code to add to your pages so that you can test them.

Setting this up is a no-brainer, therefore, there should be no excuses at all for anybody not to be able to do it on their own, and especially if I tell you should. I would honestly say split test is one of the best ways to add extra money in your bank account.

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