Teleseminar disaster?…(Urgent Action Required)

From Matt Bacak and Shawn Casey:

Hey Friend,

We knew our members were going to be totally
excited about the incredible program we
created to let you easily jam mountains of
cash into your bank account next year (more
on that in a moment), but even we never
expected to be completely overwhelmed with
the chaos of last night.

If you tried to get on the teleseminar last night,
you already know…

We broke the phone system!

We reserved 1,000 phone lines, but we had so many
people trying to hear the life-changing info we
had to share that the huge call volume completely
jammed the phone company. We’ve received tons
of emails from people who frantically dialed in
over and over only to hear “Please try again.
All circuits are busy.”

We apologize for your frustration, but we did
warn you to call in early to save your spot.

For those that were on the phone with us, you
heard us dealing with one disaster after another.
Apparently, the massive number of people on the
lines jammed up the electronic controls so
we could not control the call from our end
and mute the lines to deliver a clear

In fact, we had so many problems that Shawn
had to actually drive to Matt’s office so
we could share the same telephone!

If you were looking for proof that we can
deliver big numbers when we market, you
now have it.

And if you wanted to know if we really cared
about getting you this awesome information,
you better believe it because…

We stayed at Matt’s office until 1 a.m. to
re-record the entire presentation just so
you could get this vital information today!

Here’s the scoop:

We laid out the exact steps you neeed to
take right now so you can rake in all
cash you want in 2007.

And we revealed – for the first time –
the never-before-done training program
we’ve set up for you. You can now
be personally trained by Matt and Shawn
along with a hand-picked group of the
same mentors we use ourselves.

You’ll get all the details from the
recording, but we don’t worry about
the price. We’ve dropped this to a
rock bottom number that anyone can

AND a few fast-acting people are going
to get an unbelievable bonus.

What you need to do right now:

Go immediately to this site and listen
to us. Take notes. Take action.

Do it NOW!

Matt Bacak & Shawn Casey

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