Squeeze into a Teleseminar – One of the Best Ways to Make Money!

If you have an online business, do not neglect the potential or possibility of offering a teleseminar to your list. Teleseminars are a goldmine for making big bucks online. But the magic is not only in the teleseminar itself, but in the implementation of your marketing to draw in people. You need to understand this first as well as know how to sell to your list to make it all happen.

So how do you draw in listeners? The magic is in your squeeze-page also known as an opt-in page. Once you capture your prospects names and email addresses through your squeeze page, you email this list and invite them to your teleseminar. Once people squeeze into a free teleseminar, then they land on the sales letter page. Even though you are focused on doing a teleseminar you must always remember to offer your audience something, and you do this by leading them to your sales letter page for your product.

But focusing on teleseminars as one of the ways you can monetize. The day you send your reminder emails and the date of your teleseminar is crucial. You also need to address the topic of your teleseminar. Make sure it’s something your list would favour as really good information that they can’t miss and can’t find anywhere else. I typically send out emails, usually twice, so if I’m doing a Thursday call, I’ll typically send out an email maybe on Tuesday night and then send another reminder email of the call on Thursday.

There’s certain days that you want to do teleseminars. Mondays aren’t really a good day to do teleseminars to make money. Tuesdays are really good days to do teleseminars to sell things. Wednesdays are really good too. Actually, you’re going to have less people sign up but more people show up on Wednesday calls. Thursdays are really good days to do them. You’re going to have a lot of people sign up but not as many people show up.

Just think about it. You spend one hour on a call and offer your product for sale and you can make a lot of money. I did three telecalls that did over a quarter of a million dollars in just three telecalls this year.

You can also partner up with an expert in your niche and do the call together and split the profits 50/50. I did a call with an expert and it was brilliant! My prospects signed up by adding their name and email address and then I led them to my sales page to purchase my product. This was a call that we did on Thursday. We sent out two emails. The content – I had somebody else take care of on the call. But basically, we ended up making about $65,000 on this telecall, and it wasn’t me doing it. So, usually when you’re doing telecalls and you have somebody else on there, you usually split it 50/50. I split it 50/50 and ended up making 32,500 bucks? Not too
bad for a one hour call.

If you’re currently not using teleseminars for your business, start now. See what information you can offer your audience that they would like to hear on a call and go from there. Your options are endless and the amount of money you can make is unlimited too!

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Matt Bacak

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