“Snag Residual Income through this Million Dollar Idea”

Here’s the situation. You are the hunt for more small ideas that can earn you millions of dollars in return. You are actively engage in an Ask campaign. You have snagged joint partners by creating websites before your presentation. What other ideas can you use? Read on to find out.

Million Dollar Idea 4: Use the Audio Generator’s Super Snazzy Player product for replays. Audio generator super snazzy player is a powerful product. It allows you to put audio on your website that runs smoothly and efficiently. You can have longer audio on your website as well that contains play, pause, stop, rewind, among many more buttons.

This is a great product to use when you want to post audio content on your website. For example, you can record your teleseminars and then upload the audio files onto your website.

Million Dollar Idea 5: Create an online gold membership group.Residual income is the key to your business success. It takes just as much effort to make one sale as it does to earn money from a monthly sale. You can make far more money by creating a membership program. The membership program charges people on a monthly basis. You hook them in the beginning and then they pay you monthly. It is a great way to earn residual income.

An example of a membership site is to offer a website critique each month. You have to offer some type of service or product they receive in exchange for the monthly membership fee. You will find that serious business minded people, that have money to invest and spend, will sign up for your membership site.

You can also utilize the people that participate on your membership site bring in more members for you. For example, you can offer a free month of membership fees if they get three more people to sign up and become paying members. In essence, you are using your membership list and website as an affiliate program. Your residual income will work on its own to create even more residual income.

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