“SEO rules have changed. Do you know the new rules?”

Did you know that traffic generation from a SEO operation doesn’t work anymore because Google has changed? The changes just happened in the last few months on Google. In order to make the most money you need to understand these changes.

Why should I make SEO priority? In one month 6.7 billion searches were done on search engines. Every day motivated buyers use search engines to find and buy products online. Over 200 million searches per day are made through Google. That is an immense amount of traffic.

If you can learn how to rank high on the search engines then you will increase quality traffic to your website. Superior rankings equal quality targeted traffic. If you don’t get this traffic then your competitors will scoop it up.

How much money are you losing if you don’t have a high Google search engine ranking? How much of this money has your competitor snatched?

How can you flood your website with high quality, responsive traffic for free? The answer is search engine optimization. The purpose of SEO is to improve your ranking in the search engine results. A superior ranking in the major search engines is the best way to bring quality visitors to your website.

Google is the top search engine. You can also use Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Two types of SEO:
1.) On page optimization.
This is SEO that you do right on your website. You modify code directly on your site. This is what you say about your website (text, copy, links, keyword density in copy and headline, metatags, etc.) On page optimization used to be the primary place to work to obtain superior rankings in the search engine listings.

The page title is the number one on page factor that you need to focus on.
Page title tips:
• Limit the length of your page title of 65 characters or less.
• Incorporate keyword phrases into your page title.
• Grab the searchers attention.
• Each page should have a unique page title.
• Repeat your title tag in your H1 tags.
• Your title is the link that is shown in the search results of the search engine such as Google.
• Focus on click through rates and conversion rates.

However, there are problems with on page optimization. If you want to rank for something people tend to exaggerate or lie to get traffic. This caused the results in the search engine to differ from the actual websites. Google knew this was a problem. Therefore, Google decided to focus on off page optimization.

2.) Off page optimization.
This has to do with what others say about your website. Google has determined that what others say about your website is more credible that what you say. These other people act as a credible referral.

Links are critical and Google measure your links. This gives Google a way to measure what your site is about. Incoming links count as a vote to determine the relevancy and popularity of your site. An incoming link is a link from another site to your site.

Examples of links include:
• Blog post links
• Press release links
• Social network links
• Text links

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