"Secret" list-building bootcamp…

Matt Bacak here.

If you’ve been on my list for more than a day, you’ve no-doubt heard me talk about the importance of list-building at least 100 times.
The Reason: It’s probably the single MOST IMPORTANT skill thatyou can have as a Internet marketer! That’s why I’m so excited to be attending (and speaking) at an event that is 100% dedicated to teaching…

…*ADVANCED* lead generation, list-building and email marketing strategies that will work in virtually ANY market.

I’m talking about “The Ultimate List-Building Bootcamp”:
see –> http://UltimateListBuildingBootcamp.com/main/

Chances are you haven’t even heard about this event, and that’s exactly how my friend, Ryan Deiss, wants it. You see, Ryan is the brains behind this whole operation, and he is only allowing 100 lucky marketers to attend, so he really doesn’t need to promote it outside his own list.

I knew this event was a perfect match for my subscribers and customers, however, so I got Ryan to agree to hold a few seats for “my people”.

So here’s your chance:

Trust me, this isn’t one of those massive events with dozens of speakers. This is a small, ultra-focused bootcamp that is dedicated to helping you grow and monetize a list in almost any market.

If you’re serious about achieving long-term success on theInternet, I highly recommend that you make plans to attendevent.

I hope to see you there!
Warmest regards,
Matt Bacak

P.S. I asked Ryan why he was only allowing 100 people to attend (when he could easily get twice that amount), and he said it had everything to do with the final session he’s presenting at the event (Session 12).

(You can see a description of all the sessions by going to the site: http://ultimatelistbuildingbootcamp.com/main/
and scrolling down about half-way.)

He didn’t go into detail, but I got the impression that he’ll be sharing some seriously top-secret stuff. I for one am looking forward to hearing what he has to say.

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