“Reach more customers with Blogs and Podcasts”

How important are joint ventures? There is a shift in the joint venture arena. Huge companies are acquiring smaller companies. Consolidation is the theme of the times. Huge companies acquire smaller companies so they could tap into their customer base. For example, they want all the Blog content and the people that read these Blogs.

People read your Blogs not necessarily just for the content, but for your personality. If they like your personality then they will continue to read your Blog. If they don’t like your personality then they may read your Blog once and leave it. So let your personality shine through in your Blog if you want to keep readers that you want to target.

The same personality theory applies to podcasts. If you entertain people and they are having a good time then the number of podcast listeners you have will soar.

What is the profit model on a Blog? You can sell advertising on your Blog. For example, you can have Google AdSense on your Blog website. If you are in a high demand, high priced keyword niche then you can make great money through Google AdSense. If you can build a nice audience for your Blog then Google AdSense and other advertising is the way to go. This can become a game of volume though and it is just one way to monetize a Blog.

Blogs and podcasts are excellent lead generation tools. In order to get the most leads, you need to keep your content fresh on your Blogs and podcasts. Provide valuable content and you will rake in new prospects and gain popularity.

A Blog lets you build a fan club that you can promote your products to. Follow up this Blog strategy with podcasts. You can show your Blog to people. Then tell them that if they like your Blog then they will enjoy your podcast. Then tell them that if they like your podcast then they will enjoy your products. It is a great way to generate a lead that converts to a sale.

You can also monetize a podcast. You can monetize it by driving repeat interest to your products based on the podcast content. Your podcast will ingrain your name and product into their mind through the podcast. The podcast lets you intersperse information commercials during your podcast.

Another major benefit of creating podcasts is that it is easy. You can create content quickly using inexpensive equipment. It is also easy for listeners to access, download, and listen to your podcasts. For example, you can have your podcasts indexed iTunes. Listeners can subscribe to your podcast and be notified every time you upload a new podcast.

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