Problems, exciting things and kid pics….

First, let me tell you about the
amazing and exciting part then I’ll
share with you the problem…

Friday night, I got to enjoy taking
my kids trick or treating. Boy, they
are growing up so very fast.

I just couldn’t resist. So, I put up
some pics of the kids from Halloween:

Check them out ->

Friday morning, something exciting
happened. I met a personal goal. :-)

Let me tell you exactly
how it all got started…

A while back, someone called my office left
me a nasty voice mail saying exactly this “You
FAT F*@k – you’re so fat you need to get off
the internet”…yadda, yadda.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

It might have been a joke but it
didn’t feel real good hearing it.

My assistant quickly caught it and tried
to delete it before I could listen.

But, what she never knew was that I was
walking down the hall and heard it.

I just went into my office
and closed the door and started
to think about my weight.

A few weeks later, I got on the scale
and check and was shocked that I was not
50 lbs but 100 lbs more than what I weighed
when I was 1997 Golden Glove champ.

See old Pic here:

So, I set a goal to get back into shape, but,
I just couldn’t figure out my motivator.

Awards for me don’t work – so I thought
long and hard about what could I do to get
me to just hit a goal. Reverse it.

The idea I came up with:

“If I don’t make my goal then I would have
to vote for the Presidential candidate that
I just personally despise with a passion.”

The goal was set. Lose 30 lbs before the
election. Now, back to Friday morning, I
worked out in my basement in the theater
and came upstairs to take a shower.

Before, I did. I checked the scale.

I hit it :-) 30 lbs in 10 weeks.

If you want to know what I did, go
read about it on my Twitter account:

The purpose of telling you that is because
sometimes to hit your goals you got to make
it painful if you don’t hit them. At least,
that’s what I found works for me.


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