“The Power of Portable Viral Marketing”

The key to a thriving marketing system is to find the right message and send it to the right target audience. Essentially you have to have the right voice in the right market at the right time. You can find the right voice and right message by asking your audience about what they want. Run an Ask campaign to find out what they want and give it to them.

How important is viral marketing as part of your marketing campaign? Viral marketing is crucial. Advertising and buying media is very expensive whereas viral marketing brings your more advertising for less money and effort. Viral marketing is a way to get people to communicate among themselves through word of mouth.

Technology has enabled people to take everything with them. For example, they have iPods on which they can download print material, audio, and video. If you have print, audio, and video on your website only then you are limiting your options. Why? The attention span on the Internet is very short. You will lose many people before you have finished communicating your message.

Portable devices like the iPod, on the other hand, enable people to download all of your content and listen to it at their leisure. They are much more likely to pay attention to all your content because they can listen to it while at the gym, riding in the car, and wherever they want. Plus, downloading this information is very quick and easy for them.

Viral marketing works better when you tap into communities and social networks. You can survey these circles of people to find out what they want. Ask for information in a non-aggressive manner. Slowly weave your way into these groups to find out what they are looking for.

Viral marketing gives people the ability to do what they know how to do already. It gives them the ability to speak to others about things they are passionate about. These things can be you and your products. Viral marketing is a marketing campaign that is like a snowball going down a hill. The longer the snowball rolls, the bigger the snowball becomes. It builds on itself. Viral marketing follows the same concept.

Also use social networks, such as myspace, to build lists. You can build a friends network on myspace that consists of thousands of people. These are people that you can email at any given time. You can build a relationship with these people. You can promote your products to them. A side benefit is that they will often promote your products to others as well.

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