“Podcasting: No, it’s not a new type of fishing.”

Podcasting. It may sound like a type of fishing or a new extreme sport. Podcasting is actually a technological tool that you can use in your marketing efforts. It is yet another way to reach your target audience.

What exactly is podcasting? If you can create audio content that people would want to receive and listen to then podcasting could be a powerful tool. Podcasting combines audio in mp3 files and blogging. You can create a subscription to your podcasting content. This subscription will notify subscribers when you have posted a new podcast. It is an excellent way to attract and build a relationship with your target market.

You need to create a podcast show. The content in the show can be anything you want. You can push your audio content in the form of a podcast to your subscribers using RSS syndication. This means that people who subscribe to your podcast will be informed of when you post a new podcast show. It is similar to when you are notified that a new Blog post has been posted on a Blog you subscribe to.

You can build a huge following through your podcast. Podcasts allow people to break the chains of their computer. They can listen to your podcast from their computer, but they don’t have to. They can download your podcasts to mobile devices such as their iPod if they want. This enables your customers to obtain your content on demand and listen to it wherever they want to. Talk about flexibility!

Did you know that you can advertise in your podcast? Having your own podcast show is like having your own radio station. You can intersperse commercials and advertisements about your products and services. You have total control. Just make sure that you provide high quality content that your customers desire. The better podcast show you create the more customers and profit you will earn.

Podcasts are yet another way you can reach your current customers and potential customers. You can satisfy auditory learners by providing this audio content. The benefits of podcasts are numerous. Create your own podcast today.

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Matt Bacak

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