Personal Invitation (to my country club)

I’m doing a FREE Private Customer Workshop with
Shawn Casey, Brian Koz at my country club.

Just go here now to register:

We only have 140 seats because of the
space limitations at this venue.

Yes – we know you think we’re kidding about the
seat limit, but when you get here, you’ll see that
it’s real because we can’t move the walls.

We’ll spend 2 days showing you everything
you need to know about getting more traffic,
leads, customers, and cash!

You and your business will be totally transformed
by the amazing event we have planned.

Again – this if FREE for you as
one of our best customers.

That’s the good news.

Here’s the bad news…

We only have 140 seats available for this workshop
because of the exclusive private location.

Yes – we have around 1 million customers
among the 3 of us over the last decade.

There are only 140 seats and the workshop is free.

Register now…

Or risk missing out completely.

We’ll see you there!

Matt Bacak

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