Paid Search Overview

Online advertising has been generating more and more revenues every year now. In 2004, US Online Advertising rose to nearly $8.Billion. It is estimated that, this year $2.6 billion will be spent on paid search advertising only.

Search engine optimization techniques are useful to improve the rankings. With such optimized content you can hope for better rankings and more visits. But these days almost everybody is doing that and if you sell something on the net like books, accessories etc then only visits will not generate more revenues. You will need to target buyers’ not just people or search engines.

This requires a placing in the rankings away from the clutter and a constantly goad ranking. Paid search is one such method. You can almost guarantee better sales figure once you avail of this service.

Paid Search Explained:

In this programme you can bid and buy the mot popular keywords that most users will use to purchase the products/services you sell. Using these, visitors will surely see your site and the offers that you have thereby increasing the number of eyeballs to the website. The paid search results stand out from the crowd and are visible at separate section usually on the page showing other search results.

Usually search engines have a separate category called, “Sponsored Links” that features such sites.

Whenever a user clicks on your site, you will be charged a small fee around $0.40.

Two most popular search engines used are Google and Overture these days.

Methodology of Paid Search:

The first step to use this facility is to visit all the sites, GOOGLE, YAHOO, ALTA VISTA. They will ask a short brief about you, your company, site etc. Make sure you submit a clear concise and interesting brief. Once that is done use your Credit Card to register an account at the various sites like Google ADWORDS etc. Paid Search on Google is very popular these days.

Create a wonderful, exciting ad. Use the search term at the start, then list all the offers that you have and the various all the benefits that your product/service offers over others. The punch line must be really attractive. This aspect of paid Search requires some creativity of thought.

Professionals will assist you in creating good ad copy for you for a fee off course. Associate various ads to the keywords you have.

Determine the best keywords and then utilize all of them in the ads you make. It pays to be precise and careful. Paid Search advertising will be of great.

Bidding is most essential part of this entire process as the money you [pay in most cases will determine what ranking your site will get.

The bids that your competitor places will surely help you determine the correct bid price. This is a tricky part in Paid Advertising as the pricing needs to be just right to ensure maximum profits.

Sometimes the click rate also determines the rankings like in case of Google. Higher the numbers of clicks, better the rankings.

Paid Search feeds:

Search Feeds are in fact data sent to site that compare various products available based on the data sent to them. You can pay for getting your products/sites listed on such sites.

In all it is imperative that you make a careful analysis of how much you wish to pay and how will you monitor the results after spending the money.

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