“The Origin of the Ask Campaign”

Most people don’t know where to begin when they start an online business. Should they go to seminars? Or should they start working on their website immediately? What should you do with your existing list? You can answer all these questions by simply asking.

There is a business technique called the “Ask Campaign”. What is the story behind the ask campaign? Let’s begin by looking at your current strategies. You need to have several streams of marketing because one or more of the techniques will become obsolete or less effective at some point in time.

For example, you may have an email marketing technique that proves obsolete with new technology. If this is your only marketing stream then you are stuck. But, if you have several marketing techniques you will still be profitable. The key is to then make sure to add back another marketing technique. These marketing techniques can be created using the “Ask Campaign”.

The story behind the Ask campaign revolves around working with an athletic business that has an online presence. A bookstore nearby the athletic business was packed. People filled the bookstore because Al Gore was signing books. Why was Al Gore signing books in a bookstore? Didn’t he have enough celebrity already because he was the former Vice President?

Then we thought that what if Al Gore had a virtual book signing? For example, he could offer a teleseminar sponsored by his publisher. The first 500 people to sign up for the call could get a free signed copy of his book. Al Gore could then talk about the book: why he wrote, how he wrote it, etc. So for the cost of a $49 teleseminar, you can hear from the author. This is more powerful than a regular book signing. Plus, both authors and fans could listen to the teleseminar from the comfort of their own home in their pajamas!

So we tried to get these type of teleseminars set up with big authors. However, the response from the big time authors was less than desirable. So we gave up. But then thought, wait, what about regular authors? A virtual teleseminar would be fantastic and profitable for authors. You offer a teleseminar for $49 that includes a copy of the book. This way you could have hundreds or even thousands of people versus being stuck in one location, such as a brick and mortar bookstore.

The Ask campaign started with a virtual book signing. We contacted online business people that have written books and have a database list of customers. We asked them to offer a teleseminar.

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Matt Bacak

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